The FBI caught a terrorist last week, but since he is not Muslim, you probably didn’t hear about it on the news.

Talbot is a white, radical right-wing conservative who was arrested by the FBI on charges of “attempted interference with commerce by robbery, solicitation to commit a crime of violence and possession of an explosive material.”

His plan was to rob banks to fund his revolution, and then also blow up mosques.


Well, since the ‘blowing up mosques’ part is more or less on the CIA’s agenda, you can see why the FBI wouldn’t want to call him a terrorist…

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these are the cutest omg please

  • redbean ice cream: ideal partner
  • greenbean Popsicle: smth im jealous of
  • mochi ice cream: what i look for in a friend
  • banana popsicles: 1 memory i have of you
  • mango ice cream: a tumblr ship
  • strawberri froyo: top 3 insecurites
  • mint choco froyo: 3 things im proud of
  • cookies and cream froyo: 3 things you can do to make me automatically like you
  • vanilla: how i found your blog
  • orange ice cream: something ive always wanted to tell you
  • green tea ice cream: a blog that reminds me of yours
  • jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that i have
  • orange tea: a secret that i've kept
  • oolong tea: my first love
  • strawberry tea: favourite outfit
  • milk tea: current fashion obsession
  • bubble tea: fashion pet peeve
  • strawberry iced tea: your best feature

This movie came out nearly 30 years ago and this statement is STILL true.

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"and uh yeah"

every student at the end of their presentation (via sassykardashian)

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J.R.R Tolkien, looking at flowers.

Apparently people hated to go for walks with him because he would stop and look at every tree for like 20 minutes.

Wait, I would love to go on walks with him

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me not shaving my legs has literally nothing to do with feminism and literally everything to do with me being lazy

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Calling all Broadway nerds: What broadway song should I use to audition with for my school musical?

It’s Cinderella, and I’m a soprano, and I only have a minute to show off my range. Suggestions?


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midnight memories

  • Best Song Ever: Is there someone you will never forget about? Who were they to you? Friend, family, foe?
  • Story of My Life: What's the story of /your/ life? Where were you born, do you have any siblings, what was your childhood like?
  • Diana: What is the reason you keep waking up every day? Do you have someone or something you particularly live for? Who or what is your inspiration?
  • Midnight Memories: How would you spend your last night on earth? Would you be by yourself or with friends? Would you do something you never had the courage to do before?
  • You and I: Do you honestly believe that your relationship (or a future relationship, if you don't currently have one) will last until the end? How far would you be willing to go for that person?
  • Don't Forget Where You Belong: Who are those people that you can truly depend on? Are they a group of close friends, just one person, or your family?
  • Strong: If you fell in love with someone you couldn't have, would you still go after them? Would you try a secret relationship, or would you take your chances and announce it to the world?
  • Happily: Are you someone who gets easily jealous, whether it's with your boyfriend/girlfriend or simply one of your friends? Have you ever acted out of jealousy?
  • Right Now: Think of right now-- do you miss anyone? Do you regret anything you've done? Are you happy with how things are currently going?
  • Little Black Dress: What do you think is the one thing about you that catches everyone's attention? Are you naturally loud? Or do you make sure you have an eye-catching appearance?
  • Through the Dark: Write a brief letter to the one you love/might love someday. You can talk about anything -- how you really feel about them, what you would do for them.
  • Something Great: Do you think you're destined for something greater? Are you happy with your life right now? What's stopping you from leaving to make a name for yourself?
  • Little White Lies: Describe a time when someone lied to you, whether it was a small or big matter. Describe a time when you lied to someone else.
  • Better Than Words: How would you show someone you loved them, without outright saying, "I love you?" How would you show it through actions?
  • Why Don't We Go There: You're going on a road trip across the country and you're taking one person with you. Who would you go with, to where, and why?
  • Does He Know?: What would you do if someone cheated on you? Has that ever happened? Have you cheated on anyone?
  • Alive: What are you most passionate about? What do you love to do, or perhaps, who do you love being with?
  • Half A Heart: Imagine you have necklace with one half of a heart, and the person who has the other half is your soulmate. Who has that other half, or who would you want to have it?

"College kids literally don’t care about walking in the way of cars at school because we’re like “hit me i don’t care pay my tuition.”"

"Hit me my thesis is due in 12 hours and I haven’t started it"

"Hit me I have a final in an hour and I didn’t study"

"Hit me I’ve been on a 24 hour drinking binge and I’m invincible"

"Hit me. You’re a university vehicle and I’ll get free tuition."

"Hit me I feel like a failure anyway"

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Martin Bauendahl

Real life vs Societal expectations


Yeah, news flash people, boobs generally only look “perky” while in a bra. A few are super lucky and have naturally perky boobs, most don’t. And this is because, SURPRISE, boobs are intended to feed babies and it’s hard for a baby being cradled in mum’s arm to reach a nipple that’s on the other side of the boob from where its mouth is.

Think of a soda fountain machine. The spouts are all pointing down, right? So you can put soda in a cup being held under the spout? If the spout was sticking straight out, it would be really hard to get a soda out of it.

Babies need to be able to reach a nipple easily so they can eat. Ergo, nipples are usually lower and angled more downward on a naturally hanging boob, both so it’s easier for a baby to reach and so gravity can do its part in pulling milk toward the nipple.
So there you go, outright ANATOMICAL proof that boobs are not there for the benefit of men.

Thank you for that. I never realized. Thanks.

The comment.

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Don’t trust brown/black boys who like white girls. And no I don’t mean I’m against interracial relationships. I mean the type who put white girls up on pedestals, who treat them like a challenge, who glorify their beauty, their colored eyes, their light hair, all that while simultaneously dehumanizing and objectifying them. The ones who target white girls, who use them as status symbols. Don’t trust these boys. They’ve been poisoned.

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Drink hella water, eat hella fruit

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